The FAA has approved David B. Waymer Aeromodeller Flying Field as a FRIA

( FAA-Recognized Identification Areas ), August 2023


On this site, you will find information for David B. Waymer Aeromodeller Flying Field. The location is a Charlotte Mecklenburg County-owned park operated by the Waymer Aeromodeller Chapter of the AMA (WACAMA). Also on this site, is information about the requirements to use David B. Waymer Flying Field as well as information about the local clubs based at Waymer Field. This is under the Associated Clubs tab. Additionally, Park Safety and Rules are located under that tab.


To fly any model aircraft at Waymer Field you must be a member of Academy of Model Aeronautics (AMA) and hold a WACAMA Park Pass. The AMA offers many benefits and promotes safe model airplane operation. If you are new to model aviation and would like to learn more about the AMA, please click this link to find information on AMA membership benefits. The County and WACAMA require all Park Pass holders to maintain current AMA membership. If you are unsure of your current AMA membership status, you can check it here.


Waymer Field has a 400-foot asphalt runway with pit area and flight stations for Radio Control (R/C) use. There are solar powered charging stations to recharge your batteries on location. All R/C flying is done to the east of the runway. R/C flying is not allowed on the Control Line circles or in the pit or shelter areas. There are two asphalt and one grass Control Line circles for flying control line aircraft. No flying other than Control Line aircraft is allowed on the circles. This includes R/C quadcopter (quads) and helicopters.

Additionally, there is a shelter with picnic style tables and an information board. A fire extinguisher and first aid kit are located at the information board.


Most types of model aircraft can be flown at Waymer Field. Due to open flame restrictions, fuel turbines and pulse jets are strictly prohibited. Helicopters and quads are welcome to share the same flight area as R/C/ aircraft. Please be courteous to others when flying different forms of aircraft.


Waymer Field is a gated Park. Opening and closing of the gate is the responsibility of Park Pass holders. Please lock the gate if you are the last Park Pass holder to leave. If there are non-pass holders it is your responsibility to ask them to leave. Be courteous.


Park Hours: Dawn to Dusk


Sound Restrictions: You can find detailed information in the Park Safety and Rules Tab. With this in mind please be respectful of our neighbors.


Location: David B. Waymer Aeromodeller Flying Field


15401 Holbrooks Rd, Huntersville, NC 28078